RFC Auction Systems

RFC Auction Systems can be deployed in either a Standard or Enterprise configuration. Standard systems are packaged to include all of the features needed to run your auction business at a very competitive price. Enterprise systems are custom tailored for each auction house by selecting from a large number of options geared toward larger houses with many employees and multiple operational groups within the business. Enterprise systems can be upgraded at any stage after the initial installation. Standard systems must first be upgraded to Enterprise before additional features can be added.
Based on a presale consultation, RFC will select a system package to suit your auction house’s specific requirements drawn from the list of features listed below. Please ask about any features that do not appear and chances are we will have a solution for you. If not, we will undertake development of new features as needed.
Here is a list of the primary features of RFC Auction Systems.

Standard Auction Management System

Enterprise Accounts Management

Enterprise Inventory Management

Inventory Control (with Enterprise Inventory Management)

Customer Relations Management and Catalogue Subscriptions

Contact Manager

Integrated Appraisals & Scheduling

RFC Plug-In Website System

Invaluable Powered "Infinite BiddingTM" Live Online Bidding System

Additional RFC Services

RFC Standard Reports

RFC Accounts Reports

Enterprise Accounts Reports

Catalogue Subscriptions and Customer Relations Reports

Enterprise Inventory Reports

RFC Auction System Screen Samples

Inventory Database

RFC Auction Systems

Customer Database

RFC Auction Systems

Sale Day Consoles

RFC Auction Systems

Buyer Invoicing

RFC Auction Systems

Consignor Settlement

RFC Auction Systems