RFC Web Connect Version 2 - IES Phase I

The new an improved RFC Web Connect is Phase I of the upcoming release of Invaluable Enterprise Software, a new cloud-based auction management system from Invaluable, designed by RFC. The Phase I release is offered exclusively to RFC customers and provides access to the receipting/cataloging and "Sale Day" features of the new system.

RFC Web Connect receipting takes advantage of the camera and dictation features of the iPhone and iPad and provides the ability to create consignment receipts with photos, anywhere, anytime, with an iPhone or other mobile device (also the PC or Mac)*. Back-office functions are provided in your existing RFC system for automatic downloading of inventory created on RFC3.

The "Sale Day" features provide all functions for running an off-site auction at any location with an internet connection, replacing the current methods used to run remote sales on RFC. Back-office functions syncronize inventory, bidders and post-sale results with your current RFC system.

RFC Web Connect on the iPad and iPhone

iPad Screenshot
iPhone Screenshot

These two brief amateur(!) videos demonstrate using the camera and dictation on the iPad and iPhone. Workflow is slightly different on the iPhone due to size restrictions. Notice that when you dictate a description, you can speak the phrase "Estimate 200 to 300, reserve 150", for example, and when you Save the estimate and reserve are allocated to their respective fields.

Creating Inventory in RFC3 Web Connect

RFC3 initially takes you to the Receipts page where you can select an existing receipt or create a new one. Enter details and assign a customer from your RFC database, or wait to add that information later when you "fetch" the receipt to your "RFC2" Auction System back at the office. Click/Tap the Add Items button to start adding items to your new receipt.

Receipt Details
iPhone Screenshot

The new user interface is designed to be easy and intuitive and includes the features you are familiar with in your existing RFC system. The layout is optimized for each platform, with the thumbprints on the iPad interface showing how the iPad should be held in landscape orientation with buttons and controls arraged for easy reach while taking photos.

iPad Screenshot
iPhone Screenshot

PC Screenshot

Email Receipt Confirmation

Once complete, return to the Receipt page and you can email a receipt, including thumbnail images, to your customer on the spot. The email is formatted to allow your client to quickly email back confirmation of your receipt.

Email Receipt

RFC Systems Back Office Interface

When returning to the office, this RFC Systems form is provided to "fetch" RFC Web receipts back to your database. As long as you entered an email address, the new receipt will be matched to your existing RFC database, and inventory, contract terms, cataloging and photos are automatically imported into your RFC back-office office system.

Back Office Interface

RFC3 Remote Sales

RFC3 Web Connection remote sale features utilize the sale day functions of the new Invaluable Enterprise Software system, including registration, order bids, results entry, invoicing, payments and reports. This system is ready to replace current methods of running off-site sales with your existing RFC system.

iPad Screenshot
iPad Screenshot

iPad Screenshot
iPad Screenshot

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* While other mobile devices may also used, RFC3 Web Connect is designed specifically for iOS devices.